Leggero belongs to a product line characterized by a very simple, yet elegant and stylish appearance. Featuring a delicate white and silver label, this oil is designed for lovers of delicate flavors: the taste and aroma of olive oil should enhance and bring out the flavor of a delicate dish without covering it up. Ideal for experts and consumers who are just getting acquainted with the wide world of olive oils, a great product for an international cuisine where quality ingredients are a key element.

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This is a wonderful full-bodied olive oil - fresh (harvest date on the bottle) and delicious - and nice, high polyphenol content.
Valentino Volonghi
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I've been using Pruneti olive oil for years now. Go through at least 3 gallons a year of this. It is simply the best olive oil money can boy for finishing your dishes, worth every penny.
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This oil is magnificent and robust, as described. For dipping and in homemade salad dressing, truly delightful.
Jeffery L. Bauguss
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Pruneti is a fantastic olive oil. I have visited their facility and have ordered their oil for over 2 years. Fantastic quality and amazing service. So much better than anything you can find in an US store. I encourage anyone to give their oils a try!


Category: medium/light fruitiness oil, balanced in the perception of both bitterness and spiciness; characterized by notes of fresh grass and sweet vegetables.

Aroma: the bouquet opens with notes of fresh grass, parsley and sage. Sweet sensations such as lettuce, basil and fennel are also noticeable.

Taste: in the mouth the fresh grass is enveloping but fennel, lettuce, basil and pine nuts predominate. On the finish we find sage and a small spicy note characterized by white pepper.

Culinary uses: excellent on steamed or boiled fish and vegetables; ideal as a condiment for white meats.

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250 ml, 500 ml


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